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Xircom CardBus RealPort2 56k Modem PC Card R2BM56WG NEW in Box

Xircom CardBus RealPort2 56k Modem PC Card R2BM56WG NEW in Box

Easy-to-use 56k Data-Fax modem adapter in a dual-slot CardBus PC Card. The integrated jack for normal phone cable makes it so simple to use, no dongle cables to lose or break!

Mix & match with other Realport2 PC Cards - Ethernet, ISDN, etc. all of which provide their own full size cable jack!

Your laptop needs to have CardBus slots to use this card, it does not work in non-CardBus PCMCIA slots.

Unsealed retail package containing:

  • RealPort2 CardBus modem 56 WinGlobal
  • RealPort2 cover (for optional use)
  • Software
  • quick reference guide

Xircom CardBus RealPort2 56k Modem PC Card R2BM56WG

With Xircom's RealPort 2 CardBus Modem 56 WinGlobal you don't have to worry about lost cables or broken pop-out jacks. The connectors are built right in, so there's nothing to break, lose or forget. That means no hassles when connecting to the information you need anytime, anywhere. RealPort2 CardBus Modem 56 WinGlobal offers you a wide variety of ways to expand. You can add Ethernet LAN, wireless data access via your mobile phone, ISDN and more by simply mixing and matching any combination of cards to meet your requirements now and in the future. Reliable. Easy. Flexible. You get it all with Xircom's RealPort2 CardBus Modem 56 WinGlobal!


  • Xircom part number R2BM56WG
  • Interface:  PC Card, CardBus
  • Downstream Speed:  56 Kbps
  • Analog Modulation Protocol:  ITU V.34, ITU V.32bis, ITU V.32, ITU V.22bis, ITU V.22, ITU V.90, ITU V.21, Bell 212A, K56Flex, ITU V.34bis, Bell 212
  • Fax Standards:  ITU V.17, ITU V.29, ITU V.27ter
  • Fax Transfer Rate:  14.4 Kbps
  • Error Correction Protocol:  ITU V.42 (LAPM), MNP-4, MNP-3, MNP-2
  • Data/Fax/Voice Compression:  ITU V.42bis, MNP-5

Driver Download - Windows* 95 OSR 2.x, Windows* 98, Windows* 98 SE, Windows* Me, Windows NT* 4.0, Windows* 2000

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