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Riot Police PC CD-ROM Game in Original Retail Box

Riot Police PC CD-ROM Game in Original Retail Box

Product Information
Protect innocent citizens and valuable property from volatile mobs of violent rioters in this budget-minded game of tactics and action by Zono, Inc. (Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction, Metal Fatigue). From an angled, top-down perspective on 3D city streets, players must direct their Riot Police forces to quell insurgence and accomplish mission objectives. Various units are available, including standard and heavy officers, police on horseback, and even tanks outfitted with water cannons. Officers can make use of such equipment as batons and rubber bullets. Throughout the game's missions, players will encounter a variety of rioters in need of containment, including looters, protesters, and rowdy hooligans.

Product Identifiers
GameRiot Police

Key Features

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorMild Language, Violence
Control ElementsKeyboard, Mouse
Release Year2004
Game Special Features
  • Control the population by using seven different units

  • Quell riots through 16 missions and one secret mission

  • Use tear gas, rubber bullets, water blasts, and more
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