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Nokia 3595 Mobile GSM Mobile Cell Bar Phone Unlocked Silver with Battery

Nokia 3595 Mobile GSM Mobile Cell Bar Phone Unlocked Silver with Battery

Nokia 3595 Mobile Phone in silver color. May be branded AT&T/Cingular but carrier lock has been removed and is usable with any US GSM provider offering service via SIM cards.

Phone is in very good condition and warranted non-DOA.

Included with auction is a working battery (battery life not warranted). Charger is not included but available.

Detailed item info

Product Information

The silver Nokia 3595 cell phone is known for being able to take everything you throw at it and still keep working. The bright, 95 by 65-pixel LCD screen displays 4,096 colors. The soft keys of the easy-to-read backlit keypad are wide enough even for those with larger fingers. A rubber pad on the back improves your grip and keeps your mobile device from slipping off of surfaces.The Nokia 3595 cell phone measures 4.64 by 1.95 by 0.87 inches and weighs 3.74 ounces. You can remove and replace the 1000 milliampere-hour Li-ion battery yourself, although it is a long-lasting one. The battery for these Nokia devices provides a maximum of 5.5 hours of usage with a maximum of 240 hours on standby. When it needs it, you can recharge the battery from any USB port. The Nokia 3595 phone includes a jack for headset accessories.For the hearing-impaired, the Nokia 3595 phone supports digital TTY. For those with impaired vision, the unique status feature can report both service signal and battery levels audibly.Communication and voice features include voice dialing, conference calling, call hold, and a dictaphone. Internet capabilities support xHTML, so you can search Google, get directions, and access your email, social media, and the news. Messaging capabilities include chat, smart messaging, a dictionary, and photo sharing with MMS-equipped phones on the same carrier. It makes use of Predictive Text Entry, so you don't have to spell out every word when texting. The address book holds up to 500 entries. You can include street, email, and website addresses and up to five phone numbers and three notes per entry.The organizer features include a 30-item to-do list and a calendar with up to 500 dates. Other features include a digital wallet, a watch and stopwatch, an alarm, a calculator, and measurement and currency converters. You can also create folders to organize saved information. You not only have a reliable Nokia cell phone, but also a personal assistant to save you time. If you don't use an app, you can easily either hide it or delete it.For entertainment, you can select backgammon, air glide, sky diver, or go bowling. To personalize your Nokia phone, you can select from 25 polyphonic, MIDI ring tones, eight color schemes, and an assortment of wallpaper designs. You can also download other ring tones and Java games.Having an unlocked GSM cell phone that uses a SIM card, like this Nokia 3595 phone, makes switching carriers easy. Simply replace the current SIM card with a card from another cellular carrier and activate it. If the phone is not programmed for the wireless Internet service provided by that network, you may lose Internet access. However, you will still be able to make phone calls. If you travel, you can purchase a card from a mobile phone carrier in another country.This phone's 2G GMS channels allow it to operate in the Americas, Brazil, Israel, and Oceania (Australia and the South Pacific). It even supports English, French, and Spanish.

Product Key Features

Network Technology
Manufacturer Color



Additional Product Features

Display Resolution
96x65 Pixels
Battery Type
Lithium Ion
Battery Standby Time
Up to 240hr.
Phone Book Capacity (Numbers)
Cellular Phone
Color Depth
12-bit (4096 colors)
Battery Capacity
Battery Talk Time
Up to 330 Min
Antenna Type
Gsm 850/1900 (Dual Band)
Display Technology
LCD Display

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