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HP OmniBook Recovery CD (Copy)

HP OmniBook Recovery CD (Copy)

HP Recovery CD-ROMs re-install the original operating system, drivers and utility programs to their original state. Some versions also create a hidden partition containing diagnostics or space for a hibernation file.

Please note: You are purchasing a copy of the installation media only. You must have a valid Microsoft Product Key to use the recovery CD. We cannot provide this key. Normally, there is a Product Key sticker somewhere on the underside of the notebook, or the Product Key is on paper with its documentation. Each HP recovery CD is keyed to a particular notebook model, and will not work with other notebooks.

Starting the recovery process is usually as simple as placing the first CD in the CD-ROM drive and booting from the CD. On older models that do not support booting from CD, a boot floppy needs to be created using a utility on the recovery CD. In this case a floppy drive will also be needed to perform the recovery. The OmniBooks web store offers a very good selection of floppy and CD-ROM drive modules for OmniBook and some Pavilion notebooks.

Please note: the HP Recovery process completely erases the hard drive.