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Genuine Nokia European Mobile Phone Wall Travel Charger

Genuine Nokia European Mobile Phone Wall Travel Charger

Genuine Nokia Mobile Phone Travel Charger

Models (partial list)

9500, 9300, 8890, 8390, 8290, 8270, 8265i, 8265, 8260, 7250i, 7190, 7160, 6820, 6800, 6682, 6670, 6590i, 6590, 6585, 6560, 6385, 6370, 6360, 6340i, 6340, 6255i, 6236i, 6235i, 6225, 6200, 6190, 6185i, 6170, 6162, 6161, 6160, 6120, 6100, 6030, 6020, 6019i, 6016i, 6015i, 6010, 5190, 5185i, 5180i, 5170i, 5165, 5160, 5140, 5125, 5120, 5100, 3595, 3590, 3589i, 3588i, 3587i, 3586i, 3585i, 3585, 3570, 3560, 3520, 3395, 3390, 3361, 3360, 3300, 3285, 3220, 3205, 3200, 3100, 2600, 252, 2285, 2270, 2260, 2128i, 2126i, 2125i, 2116i, 2115i, 1261, 1260, 1221, 1100

Why Buy Nokia Original and OK Accessories?

Why buy Nokia?
We sell only Nokia original accessories for your Nokia phone. There are several reasons why these are the best products for your phone:
  • Designed specifically for Nokia phones to ensure proper fit and compatibility
  • Exceptional quality and reliability
  • Proven performance through extensive testing in both the design and production process
  • High quality materials

What about after-market phone accessories?
After-market phone accessories (those not manufactured by Nokia or companies that Nokia works with and that bear the Nokia original accessories stamp logo or the Nokia OK trademark) seem to be everywhere. You'll find plenty of brands and types in all kinds of stores and online shopping sites. Many of these after-market products may cost less than Nokia original or Nokia OK accessories. But, before you buy, you should carefully consider the quality and reliability of these products and whether they have really been designed to ensure proper fit and compatibility with your Nokia phone. Just because they say they will "fit" your Nokia phone doesn't necessarily mean that these products are 100% compatible with your particular Nokia phone model.

Nokia Batteries and Chargers
Nokia Power Management is an integrated system that delivers better performance and maximum protection for your Nokia phone, battery and charger.
  • Overcharge and overheating protection
  • Longer life for your battery and phone
  • Talk and charge simultaneously
  • True fast-charging
  • Surge protection
Common problems with after-market batteries and chargers:
  • Batteries never reach full capacity
  • Cannot charge and talk at the same time
  • Overcharging causes shorter battery life
  • No protection against power surges
  • Poor quality battery cells
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