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Adaptec SlimSCSI PCMCIA SCSI Adapter PC Card Kit 1460D

Adaptec SlimSCSI PCMCIA SCSI Adapter PC Card Kit 1460D

The Adaptec SlimSCSI is the perfect way to connect portable SCSI CD-ROM readers & writers, hard disks, Zip and Jaz drives, even SCSI scanners to your laptop simply and easily! Provides high-performance SCSI connections over the PCMCIA interface.

For portable computers which lack expansion slots for conventional SCSI adapters, just plug it into your PCMCIA slot, connect your SCSI devices and away you go!

Product Benefits

  • Up to 6 times faster than parallel port - Imagine copying 100MB of data in just 75 seconds, instead of eight minutes. You’ll save precious time when you’re on the move-and you’ll save precious battery life, too.
  • Full Plug-and Play support
  • Connect up to 3 SCSI peripherals via daisy-chain
  • Compatible with all Windows and DOS operating systems: DOS, Windows® 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Wndows CE®, Windows® 3.x and IBM OS/2.
  • Works with any PC Card Type II or Type III slot; you do NOT need a CardBus slot in your laptop to use this card, it works with both CardBus and non-CardBus PCMCIA slots!

This kit is complete in open box. Box is a bit rough around the edges from shelf wear. Package includes:

  • PCMCIA SlimSCSI SCSI-2 host adapter
  • 3ft Centronics cable
  • 3ft 50-pin high-density SCSI connector cable
  • SlimSCSI Brochure
  • Driver Software

Drivers are available on Adaptec's website.

This item is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition.

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