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W1D Laptop Notebook 11mm Floppy Diskette Drive FDD WID LR102061

W1D Laptop Notebook 11mm Floppy Diskette Drive FDD WID LR102061

For sale is a Citizen model W1D 11mm thick 3.5" floppy disk drive for notebook applications. Pull in very good condition and warranted non-DOA.

Dimensional information and label data in the photos at left and table below.

Includes a black or gray slot cover door and eject button, without bezel.

Further product information can be found on Citizen's website.

Citizen's W-series drives are the world's thinnest floppy disk drives designed specifically for notebook PCs and other portable applications. With a weight of only 200 grams and such small dimensions, there is no need to compromise your design by omitting an industry standard storage medium.

With Citizen's skill in miniaturization and high-precision mechatronics, you can be sure that the W-series drives gives you all the benefits of a standard drive in a small package without affecting performance and reliability.


Model Number Citizen W1D
Capacity 2MB/ 1.6MB/ 1MB switchable auto sensing
Bezel Color Black
LED Color Green
Interface 26-way, 1mm pitch FFC, including data and power


Dimensions 0.43-inch high, 3.8-inch wide, 4.57 inch deep. See diagram for full details
Power Requirements 4.5 to 5.5 volts. 1.1 watt reading, 0.015 watt standby
Weight 130g ( 0.33 lbs )
Vibration (maximum) 0.5G operational; 4.5G standby. ( 5 - 500 Hz )
Eject button Ultra-slim, short stroke - 3.5 mm. Flush when ejected.
MTBF 20,000 hours ( under typical usage )

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