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HP OmniBook 600C 4/50 Color Mini Notebook Computer Windows 95

HP OmniBook 600C 4/50 Color Mini Notebook Computer Windows 95

The OmniBook 600C is a unique notebook with a number of neat features:

  • Tiny size (roughly the footprint of a sheet of A4 paper)
  • Near full size keys with a solid feel and plenty of key travel.
  • Renowned HP engineering and attention to detail, and the OmniBooks were their top of the line notebook series.
  •  unique pop-out mouse!
Purchase Includes:

  1. HP OmniBook 600C 4/50 (specs below)
  2. 250 MB PCMCIA Hard Disk Drive
  3. HP battery pack, working but remaining battery life not warranted
  4. HP Slimline AC/DC Adapter
Standard features of the OmniBook 600C 4/50 (F10xx) include:
  • Small (7.28" x 11.12" x 1.57") and light (3.8 lb)
  • 50 MHz Intel 486DX2 Processor
  • 8.6-inch diagonal DSTN color backlit VGA (640x480) display
  • Accelerated local bus video with 1-MB VRAM
    - - VGA-out supports VGA and SVGA monitors (up to 1024x768, 256 colors)
  • 8MB Standard DRAM, expandable to 16 MB
  • 85 key keyboard with 12 FN keys, touch-type keyboard, full-sized spacing
  • Pop-out mouse, also called "the paw"
  • Advanced Power Management with Instant-On
  • Input/Output (I/O) ports:
    • 9-pin, 115.2 kbps RS-232 serial port
    • 25-pin bidirectional parallel port
    • SVGA-out (up to 1024 x 768 x 256)
    • 115.2 kbps bidirectional Infrared transceiver
    • Enhanced port replicator connector (see my other auctions for the port replicator)
    • Floppy drive connector (see my other auctions for the external floppy disk drive)
    • Two Type II PCMCIA slots or use as one PCMCIA Type III

Refurbished notebook:

This laptop has been cleaned and tested. The screen is clear and bright, and free from scratches or excessive dead pixels. The keyboard and mouse work perfectly. The external cosmetic appearance of this laptop is very good; no chips, cracks or deep scratches to the plastic. Light surface scuffs may be present.

Windows 95 comes installed on this machine (including OB600-specific drivers).

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