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Maxis SimCopter Helicopter Simulation Game for Windows PC CD-ROM (1996)

Maxis SimCopter Helicopter Simulation Game for Windows PC CD-ROM (1996)

Original, award-winning helicopter simulation game SimCopter by Maxis. This game is from 1996 and so is compatible with Windows 95 and NT 4.0. It may be compatible with later Windows operating systems but that is not warranted.

Auction includes Windows PC CD-ROM in retail jewel case with J-Card and booklet.

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Product Information
This is a simulation game in which you take the role of a helicopter pilot in a major metropolitan area. Your job is to respond to various dispatches throughout the city and complete a certain dollar value worth of missions in order to advance. Missions include responding to fires, medical emergencies, and police emergencies, as well as more mundane tasks such as picking up and dropping off VIPs. Money is awarded depending on the difficulty of the individual missions and once a certain dollar amount has been earned, you'll move onto a new, more challenging city.

You can use some of the money you earn to buy "better" helicopters and additional equipment, such as the rescue ladder and water cannon you'll need to complete certain missions. A total of nine helicopters are available, including a secret copter for cities which include military bases. You may also fly around in your own SimCities if you have either SimCity or Sim City2000 installed on your computer. You do not have to have either of these other programs to run Sim Copter.

Product Identifiers
UPC046357104435, 8715686007268

Key Features

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorAnimated Violence
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick, Keyboard, Mouse
Number of Players1
Release Year1996
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