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HP OmniBook 900 Ultraportable Laptop Notebook 12.1" P2-300 5GB Windows 98

HP OmniBook 900 Ultraportable Laptop Notebook 12.1" P2-300 5GB Windows 98


  Vintage OmniBook 900 ultraportable notebook with a number of top-of-the-line features:

  • Small size (roughly the dimensions of a sheet of paper) and solid construction allow you to pop it in your backpack or bookbag, or carry it around like another book in your stack.
  • Despite its size, it's got near full size keys with a solid feel and plenty of key travel.
  • Reknowned HP engineering and attention to detail, and the OmniBooks are their top of the line notebook series.
  • Both touchpad and trackpoint pointing devices.

What you get:

  1. HP OmniBook 900, 300 MHz (specs below)
  2. 32 MB installed RAM memory
  3. 5 GB Hard Disk Drive
  4. HP Lithium-Ion battery, tested good
  5. HP Slimline AC/DC Adapter
Windows 98 from the recovery CD comes installed on this machine (including OmniBook-specific drivers and HP User Tools).

Standard features of the OmniBook 900 include:
  • Weight:
    • Notebook: 4.0 lb (1.79 kg) or 4.3 lb (1.89 kg), Power adapter and cord: 0.91 lb (0.41 kg)
  • Dimensions:
    • 11.8 × 8.8 × 1.26 in (30 × 22.5 × 3.2 cm)
  • CPU:
    • Intel Mobile Pentium II Processor
  • Cache:
    • 256 KB external L2 cache
  • Display:
    • 12.1" TFT SVGA (800x600) diplay
  • Graphics:
    • 256-bit NeoMagic graphics controller with AGP and 2.5 MB of internal video RAM
    • MPEG-2 hardware acceleration
    • Zoomed Video support in lower slot
    • Dual-display capability under Windows 98
    • External display: 640 × 480/16 million colors/85 Hz, 800 × 600/16 million colors/85 Hz, 1024 × 768/16 million colors/85 Hz, 1280 × 1024/65K colors/60 Hz
  • Memory:
    • 32, 64, or 96 MB of SDRAM standard Expandable to 160 MB using optional HP RAM expansion modules
  • Pointing Devices:
    • Touchpad and Trackpoint
  • Audio:
    • 16-bit Sound Blaster Pro–compatible stereo sound
    • Stereo sound via headphone-out, line-in, microphone-in ports
    • one internal speaker
  • Ports:
    • Universal Serial Bus (USB) port
    • Serial port: 9-pin, 115,200-bps
    • Parallel port: 25-pin bidirectional ECP and EPP
    • 4-Mbps IrDA-compliant infrared port
    • PS/2 keyboard/mouse port
    • Headphone-out, line-in, microphone-in ports
    • Video out
    • 240-pin PCI connector for docking
    • Special FDD/IDE interface for external module bay that accommodates:
      • Standard 3.5-inch, 1.44-MB floppy disk drive module
      • Optional 24X maximum-speed CD-ROM drive module
      • Optional LS-120 Super Disk Drive module
      • Optional 4X maximum-speed DVD-ROM drive module
      • Optional Zip drive module
      • Optional 12- or 18-GB second hard drive module

    Batteries are tested as follows: they are allowed to charge fully, then the laptop is unplugged and left on battery power for five minutes. If the battery meter shows 75% full or more after that time, they are deemed "good". Please be aware batteries are a maintenance item and have a finite lifespan.

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