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HP 660LX Color Handheld PC Palmtop with AC Adapter Windows CE

HP 660LX Color Handheld PC Palmtop with AC Adapter Windows CE

HP 660LX Palmtop PC. Runs the Windows CE 2.0 operating system and includes Pocket Office applications.

Included in this auction are:

  • HP 660LX Palmtop PC (specifications below)
  • HP Palmtop AC Adapter / charger
  • HP Li-Ion rechargeable main battery, tested working (battery life not tested)
  • New backup battery

This item is in very good condition and warranted non-DOA.

For a nice review of this palmtop see SmartPhone Magazine.

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Device Class:

Palmtop PC

Windows Version:

Windows CE 2.00

Applications Included

Microsoft Pocket Excel
Microsoft Pocket PowerPoint
Microsoft Pocket Word
bsquare Fax Professional
Microsoft Voice Recorder
Quicken ExpensAble
Month-at-a-Glance Plus


7.80 in x 4.09 in x 1.42 in



CPU Type:

Bus Width: 32-bit
Core: Super-H 3
Instruction Set: SH7700

CPU Clock Speed:

75 MHz


16 MB


10 MB

Display:Type: CSTN , 256 scales Display+Diagonal: 6.6 " Display;Resolution: 640 x 240 Microphone(s): mono Loudspeaker(s): mono Positioning;Device: Touchscreen Primary_Keyboard: Built-in QWERTY-type keyboard Expansion+Slots: PCMCIA I., PCMCIA II., CF I., CF II. Infrared;Gate: 115200bit/s (SIR/CIR) Serial: RS-232 Battery: removable Battery_Capacity: 1350 mAh
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