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HP 16500B Logic Analysis Mainframe with 16510A State/Timing Analyzer

HP 16500B Logic Analysis Mainframe with 16510A State/Timing Analyzer

HP 16500B Logic Analysis Mainframe with 16510A 80 Channel 25MHz State/100MHz Timing Analyzer plug in card.

Frame and Analyzer are in excellent cosmetic and operational condition.

Auction includes frame, analyzer, and microhook grabber attachments.

Agilent 16500B Logic Analysis System Mainframe

  • an assortment of clock and data pods support transistor transistor logic (TTL), complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS), 3.3 volt and emitter-coupled logic (ECL) logic levels;
  • tri-state control for TTL, CMOS and 3.3 volt outputs;
  • terminated and unterminated ECL outputs;
  • vectors referenced to an output clock with a variable-delay clock, which allows users to strobe data accurately at rates of up to 200 MHz;
  • an ASCII test-vector file input that facilitates connectivity to other tools in the user's design environment; and
  • LAN connectivity to the user's personal computer or workstation

Performance Characteristics of the 16500B

Form Factor Mainframe
Display Type Color Touchscreen
Display Size 26.162 cm

Programmability/Connectivity of the 16500B

User Interface Proprietary
Ports to Peripheral Devices HPIB,Ethernet,RS232,
Data Storage Type FDD,HDD

A Complete Digital Design Team Tool

The HP 16500B modular logic analysis system mainframe can he configured for a wide range of measurement tasks, including microprocessor debug with source-code referencing, timing verification and debug, software performance analysis, and characterization. The modular nature of the HP 16500 series enables you to add new measurement modules as your needs change.

About the HP 16500B Mainframe

The HP 16500B mainframe and companion HP 1650lA expander frame house up to 10 integrated, time-correlated measurement modules—state timing analysis, oscilloscope analysis, pattern generation, ultra-deep data capture and ultra-high-speed timing. A consistent menu-driven user interface spans all modules.

Fast, Direct User Interface

Save time with the HP 16500B color touchscreen. Simply point to the field you want to change: the touchscreen eliminates the need to search a front panel for the right button. Pop-up menus offer all choices at a glance and the software ensures that you always make a valid choice. Front-panel operations can also be executed with a mouse and/or keyboard, providing complete user-interface flexibility.

Commitment to Your Investment

Hewlett-Packard is committed to protecting your investment in the HP 16500 series. Since 1987, HP has continuously introduced new and more powerful measurement modules, system software upgrades and analysis display functionality. The HP 16500U, 16500A-to-l6500B upgrade kit, is an example of HP's commitment to the large installed base of HP 16500A owners. The upgrade kit transforms an HP 16500A frame into a 100 percent compatible, newer generation HP l6500B frame: at just over half of the cost of investing in a new frame.

Integration into Your Windowed, Networked Environment

The HP 16500B networked user interface brings logic analysis to your computing environment. Use the HP 16500H interface module to connect your 16500B system to Ethernet LAN. Then activate the X-Windows System interface for remote viewing and control at your workstation or PC. You can even operate an HP 16500B across the Internet.

Obtain Network Access to Your Measurement Data

Easily move captured measurement data and screen images into your computer using the HP 16500H interface module and either the NFS or FTP file protocols. You can obtain captured data in a label-by-label ASCII format. Using the NFS protocol, you can mount the logic analyzer and treat captured or stored data as an extention to your file system. If you arc not using the HP I6500B in a networked environment, you can store data and screen images to the MS-DOS -based floppy disk drive. Store Setups and Data Quickly with Built-in Mass Storage It's easy to store and retrieve measurement results and setups with the built-in hard disk drive or 3-1/2-inch floppy disk drive. Both disks are MS-DOS compatible.

Precise Intermodule Measurement Correlation

Run any HP 16500B measurement module independently or combine their capabilities and correlate their acquisitions with 2-ns resolution. The intermodule menu graphically communicates complex arming sequences in an easy-to-understand format. Use the state analyzer to identify a problem sequence, then arm the timing and oscilloscope modules to trigger only when the measurement context you are interested in occurs.

Product specs for Agilent 16510A

Agilent 16510A

Product Description:

Agilent 16510A 80 Channel 25MHz State/100MHz Timing Card

Up to 400 Ch in one 16500A
Time interval
Number of states
Pattern search
Min/Max/Avg stats
ASCII data display/entry
Uses transitional timing
Overlap mode view time violate
8/16/32-bit microprocessor
Autoscale (timing analyzer)

Performance Characteristics of the 16510A

Form Factor Module (proprietary interface/bus) Number of Channels 80 ch Maximum Conventional Timing Rate 100 MHz Memory Depth/Channel-Normal 1 KB Channel to Channel Delay 4 ns Minimum Recognizable Glitch Width 5 ns Maximum State Analysis Rate 25 MHz Maximum Trigger Sequence Levels 8 Levels No of Pattern Recognizers 8 QTY No of Range Recognizers 1 QTY Input Impedance 100 kOhm Input Capacitance 8 pF
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