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AMD K6-2/380AFR CPU 380 MHz Super Socket 7

AMD K6-2/380AFR CPU 380 MHz Super Socket 7

Vintage AMD K6-2/380AFK CPU. Specs below.

Warranted non-DOA. 

Processor Speed (MHz) Bus Clock (MHz) Core Voltage (V) I/O Voltage Center (V) I/O Voltage Range (V) Part Number Clock Multiplier Package Socket
380 95
2.2 +/- 0.1 3.3 3.135 - 3.6 380AFR 4x
321-pin ceramic staggered PGA, integrated head spreader
Super 7

Detailed item info

Product Identifiers
Processor ModelK6-2

Key Features
Clock Speed380 MHz
CPU Socket TypeSocket 7
Multi-Core TechnologySingle-Core
Processor Quantity1
Product TypeProcessor

Cache Memory
Level 1 Size64 KB

Expansion / Connectivity
Compatible Slots1 x processor - Socket 7

Other Features
Bus SpeedFSB Speed - 95 MHz
Architecture FeaturesDynamic execution, superscalar, superpipelined , multi-branch prediction, speculative execution, out-of-order completion, Socket 7-compatible, sixth-generation, register renaming, IEEE 754-compatible FPU, MMX instructions set, system management mode (SMM), 3DNow! instructions set
Platform CompatibilityPC

Package TypeOEM
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